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At the top of the moraine is an Iron Age burial ground, at the very end of Tronar Ørnahaugen. There are at least 6 burial mounds and 2 monuments in this area, where silver rings and wooden knives have been found. One may wonder what else can be found here.

The farm is 70m above sea level. There are many granite rocks from the fjord to the farm. From the farm up to about 150m is the edge of a phyllite belt formed from fossilised clay. The phyllite schist is a rock with little acidity and contains nutrients that contribute to lush growth in the area. This is one of the reasons why the farm is suitable for fruit growing.

The farm is sheltered and close to the sea. The warm days and cool autumn nights give our apples a beautiful colour and pleasant sweetness.

Fruit was already grown here in the past. The oldest known and mentioned apple orchard dates back to 1838.

Fuglestein Fruktgard in February 2022

Fuglestein Fruktgard
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