Fuglestein Fruktgard


You can find our products in Sand in the LOMA – Lokalmat Ryfylke and right at our farm at Fuglestein Gardsutsal. LOMA is a selfservice shop where you can buy local farm products including our apple juice. At LOMA you can pay only with VIPS and for our products we are setting up PAYPAL as well. At Fuglestein Gardsutsal we sell our products as well as products from Landsnes sheep farm. Here you can pay with VIPS, PAYPAL or cash.

Fuglestein Gardsutsal
Økstrafjordvegen 1178
4234 Jelsa

Sandsbrauta 1
4230 Sand

If you have questions or want to place an order, feel free to contact us:

Jon-Anders Fuglestein
Tel. +47 413 50 255

Bulk Orders for Events

We have different types of apple juice for every taste. They come in small or large bottles as well as a 3l box. The perfect beverage for your party and event. If you are planning a wedding or other festivities feel free to contact us about bulk orders of our tasty apple juice.

Fuglestein Fruktgard
Økstrafjordvegen 1174
4234 Jelsa

Tel +47 413 50 255